01 August 2008

Just a few more people to tell...

Now that I'm heading out of the first trimester, we've spilled the beans to just about everyone we know. But there's one more segment of the population that doesn't know about Baby Clark: my co-workers.

I've told my two closest co-workers, who have done a great job keeping it quiet! But for some reason, I'm nervous about telling my boss that I'll be taking a maternity leave come February. I suppose one reason is because one of my biggest annual events takes place 11 days after my due date. But we didn't plan this pregnancy based on our work schedules!

I'm sure everyone at work will be very happy and supportive, but I'm still just a bit nervous. As long as I don't lose the nerve, I plan to tell the office on Monday. Wish me luck!


CorieCommunications said...

I'm just so darn happy for you!

princessjb1 said...

Absolutely wonderful being able to watch Cheeto grow along with you. Chris are you checking periodically to see if Cheeto is ready for ice cream? Love you both & so very happy for you