27 August 2008


Thanks to my endless inside connections, Teresa and I (along with Cheeto) attended a concert at Verizon Wireless Music Center last Friday. This concert happened to include two of our favorite Christian bands, Jars of Clay and Third Day. And did I mention we had private VIP parking and VIP box seats? It was a great night for an outdoor concert. The best part of the VIP benefits was having a private exit back to the interstate after the concert.

Happy anniversary at 728 Primrose Court

One year ago today, we moved into our dream house. In honor of this anniversary, I want to share some of my favorite features of the house.

The front door. It's not something I would have selected on my own, but it really is beautiful.

Speaking of doors, I love the pocket doors throughout the house, especially the one between the laundry room and the kitchen!

I was so excited to finally get a fireplace! We just need to make some minor repairs to make it usable. :o)


We love spending time in our spacious backyard. We're glad we finally have mature trees and lots of shade.

We really haven't done a lot of major home improvement projects over the last year, but the house definitely feels more like ours. We've painted the living room and dining room/entry way (thanks to some helping hands), replaced carpet in the living room and the hallway, and installed laminate flooring in the dining room/entry way. And of course, there's all the repairs we've done in the basement.

Our projects for the next year are replacing the floor in the kitchen and laundry room, buying a formal dining room set and decorating the nursery (which involves removing wallpaper, painting, replacing the carpet and buying furniture).

We're so thankful God has blessed us with such a wonderful home!

17 August 2008

16 August 2008

Almost done

The plumber finally came yesterday to finish his work in the half-bath.

Besides some touch-ups, all that's left is to install the countertop in my scrapbook room. Then we can start decorating and putting things back in order.

15 August 2008

My first baby-related scrapbook project

I finally finished my first scrapbook project centered on the baby.

I made a purse-sized binder filled with paper for all of my notes and thoughts.

There are four tabs for notes from doctor's appointments...

The "stuff" we'll need to buy...

Notes about our nursery decor and accessories...

And my own journal.

Now that I'm finishing my first trimester, I'd better start adding some content to the empty pages!

12 August 2008

Cheeto is almost 13 weeks

I read somewhere that it is a good idea to give your baby a generic name while in the womb to help make the pregnancy more real and to begin identifying with your child personally. I thought this was a great idea. But since we are not going to find out if we are having a girl or boy, picking a suitable name was not easy.

In an effort to show my sensitive side (or to show my dorkiness), Teresa thought we should share the name we have begun calling our little miracle. Cheeto is now nearly 13 weeks along in development, and we cannot wait for our ultrasound in a few weeks to see our child. Don't ask where the name came from because I really don't know, I just started using it.

Soon we will begin designing our nursery.....maybe we should use Cheetahs like Chester Cheetah from Frito Lay!!!

07 August 2008

06 August 2008

Woosh, woosh, woosh

Today we heard Baby Clark's heartbeat!

I was so nervous that my doctor wouldn't be able to find the heartbeat, but she had no problems at all. Baby's heartbeat was a perfect 160 beats per minute. Chris made sure the doctor found only one heartbeat. She assured us that we're not having multiples! Everything else is fine, too.

We've already scheduled our big ultrasound for Sept. 29. But we're not finding out the sex of the baby. :o) And the doctor changed my due date slightly to Feb. 20.

Today's appointment made this whole pregnancy feel a little more real to us both. I'm so amazed at how God is growing this tiny person inside of me. I've read some materials about the stages of growth, and I'm in awe at how God does all of this so perfectly and without much effort from me! After reading this stuff, there's no way you can say there's no God. I'm so grateful that He's allowed us this chance to grow, train and nurture a child!

04 August 2008

Progress in the basement

Things are moving along in our basement remodeling project. In the past week, the drywall has been installed, and everything has been painted. The guys are starting to install the baseboards and trim, too. The laminate floor and carpet on the stairs should be going in this week and next. Here's part of the main basement area after it's been painted. Today, we came home to find that all of the baseboards were installed.

Chris' favorite part of the project is installing a new half-bathroom. If we didn't do it now, it probably would never get done.

And here's my favorite part: I finally get to finish my scrapbook room! Actually, this was our next project before the flood came. So I'm really glad to check this off the list. All I'm waiting for is the countertop to be installed, then I'll have fun decorating and getting organized.


I hope my Lucy stuff matches the blue!

01 August 2008

Just a few more people to tell...

Now that I'm heading out of the first trimester, we've spilled the beans to just about everyone we know. But there's one more segment of the population that doesn't know about Baby Clark: my co-workers.

I've told my two closest co-workers, who have done a great job keeping it quiet! But for some reason, I'm nervous about telling my boss that I'll be taking a maternity leave come February. I suppose one reason is because one of my biggest annual events takes place 11 days after my due date. But we didn't plan this pregnancy based on our work schedules!

I'm sure everyone at work will be very happy and supportive, but I'm still just a bit nervous. As long as I don't lose the nerve, I plan to tell the office on Monday. Wish me luck!