12 July 2008

The next generation of referees

I'm married to the world's best referee! While many other referees entered into the profession later in life, Chris was a referee from the moment I met him. So reffing has always been a part of our life together. Sometimes it's hard to cope with Chris' busy soccer and basketball schedules from August to March, but I really enjoy going to his games and supporting him. And I can tell he likes to ref, too! :o)

So when I was deciding how to share the news of my pregnancy with Chris (long before I was actually pregnant!), I found these adorable onesies online. The morning I got a postive pregnancy test, I gave them to Chris.

He loved them, but unfortunately he said our child is not allowed to wear either onesie to a game. He's already worried about a spectator doing something stupid to his wife and baby. He really has nothing to worry about...I'm always tempted to go off on someone when they berate my husband on the court. I can only imagine that my feelings will be stronger when a baby is involved!