30 July 2008

Nervously and anxiously awaiting a heartbeat

As I have read in the great book Teresa got me called "The Expectant Father," fathers tend to go through a period of not feeling like anything is happening. Well, I can tell you this is true for me. I am excited to know that a baby is coming, but I don't really feel any different than before. Teresa doesn't seem much different (other than some fatigue), and we can't see the baby growing, so it doesn't quite feel lilke this is real.

But as I read more, I have learned that the most important development stages of our baby's life have already taken place!!!! This makes me very nervous to know that at the most important time, Teresa and I have no influence or control. However, the great comfort is to know that God is always in control, and He is looking after our child.

I can't wait till next week when we head to the doctor to hear the heartbeat for the first time!