17 July 2008

Feeling a little overwhelmed

Now that the excitement of announcing our pregnancy is dwindling, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. (I can't speak for Chris!) Just thinking about all of the tasks we have to complete, the things we have to buy and the decisions we have to make in the next seven months is making me quite nervous.

But first on our list is making our basement liveable again. Thanks to our sump pump failing, the Great Flood of 2008 brought four inches of rain water into our basement. Here's the basement during the clean-up:

The good news is insurance is covering the repair fees. The bad news is we easily went over our limit. So we'll have to pay for some of the repairs ourselves. In the meantime, our basement is a mess!

We can't even begin thinking about getting ready for Baby Clark until the basement is repaired. So let's hope the repairs are finished soon!


Rjs said...

It will be just fine! Babies have come in worse conditions, and even if his/her (both?? ha!) room is not perfect, it is totally OK.