30 July 2008

Nervously and anxiously awaiting a heartbeat

As I have read in the great book Teresa got me called "The Expectant Father," fathers tend to go through a period of not feeling like anything is happening. Well, I can tell you this is true for me. I am excited to know that a baby is coming, but I don't really feel any different than before. Teresa doesn't seem much different (other than some fatigue), and we can't see the baby growing, so it doesn't quite feel lilke this is real.

But as I read more, I have learned that the most important development stages of our baby's life have already taken place!!!! This makes me very nervous to know that at the most important time, Teresa and I have no influence or control. However, the great comfort is to know that God is always in control, and He is looking after our child.

I can't wait till next week when we head to the doctor to hear the heartbeat for the first time!

19 July 2008

The Hromada "hrocking" cradle

Tonight we received our first piece of baby furniture. Even though it looks brand new, it's actually nearly 31 years old.

My Grandpa Hromada was an excellent carpenter...not by trade but by retirement! He made many pieces of furniture for his three children. But he made one special thing for me: a cradle.

Here he is "christening" the cradle just before my birth.

We can either use the cradle's rockers on the floor...

...or put it on the stand. On the stand, the cradle can rock or stay stationary.

As if it isn't special enough to have my cradle for our baby, Grandpa left a little piece of him, too.

I asked my parents to find the cradle and dust it off for me some time before February. But I wasn't expecting them to give it to us so soon! It's making this baby thing a little more real to see a cradle in our house! :o)

17 July 2008

Feeling a little overwhelmed

Now that the excitement of announcing our pregnancy is dwindling, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. (I can't speak for Chris!) Just thinking about all of the tasks we have to complete, the things we have to buy and the decisions we have to make in the next seven months is making me quite nervous.

But first on our list is making our basement liveable again. Thanks to our sump pump failing, the Great Flood of 2008 brought four inches of rain water into our basement. Here's the basement during the clean-up:

The good news is insurance is covering the repair fees. The bad news is we easily went over our limit. So we'll have to pay for some of the repairs ourselves. In the meantime, our basement is a mess!

We can't even begin thinking about getting ready for Baby Clark until the basement is repaired. So let's hope the repairs are finished soon!

12 July 2008

The next generation of referees

I'm married to the world's best referee! While many other referees entered into the profession later in life, Chris was a referee from the moment I met him. So reffing has always been a part of our life together. Sometimes it's hard to cope with Chris' busy soccer and basketball schedules from August to March, but I really enjoy going to his games and supporting him. And I can tell he likes to ref, too! :o)

So when I was deciding how to share the news of my pregnancy with Chris (long before I was actually pregnant!), I found these adorable onesies online. The morning I got a postive pregnancy test, I gave them to Chris.

He loved them, but unfortunately he said our child is not allowed to wear either onesie to a game. He's already worried about a spectator doing something stupid to his wife and baby. He really has nothing to worry about...I'm always tempted to go off on someone when they berate my husband on the court. I can only imagine that my feelings will be stronger when a baby is involved!

08 July 2008

We're having a baby, my baby and me

(C'mon...you knew I had to include I Love Lucy somehow!)

It's true! Chris and I are expecting our first child in February 2009. While we couldn't be more scared, we also couldn't be more excited!

Even though this is the first time you've heard the good news, we've been enjoying this secret for about two months now. And we're getting used to the idea of having a little person in our lives. Sorry to keep this quiet for so long. But we wanted to wait until after my first OB appointment, which took place yesterday. Everything looks great, and mom and baby are healthy! We'll go back to the doctor in early August to hear the heartbeat. Wow! Hear the heartbeat already?!

We invite you to follow us on this blog as we dive into parenthood. Ready or not, here we go!